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Graduate Courses

Learn about the Political Science PhD program at UC Merced


American Political Institutions (Poli 210)

Research Design in Political Science (Poli 200)

Undergraduate Courses

Congressional Politics (Poli 100)


The Presidency (Poli 101)


Politics and Film (Poli 170)


Government in Action (Poli 190)

SPARK: The Politics of Reform

Current and Former Graduate Students

Served as dissertation chair for:

Gregory Robinson (PhD 2007, Associate Professor and Chair at University of Binghamton)

Tessa Provins (PhD 2018, Assistant Professor at University of Pittsburgh)

Josh Franco (PhD 2018, Assistant Professor at Cuyamaca College)

Served or serve on the following students dissertation committees:

Michael Crespin (PhD 2005, Professor at University of Oklahoma)

Philip Kloha (PhD 2006)

Suzanne Gold (PhD 2007)

Kayla Canelo (PhD 2019)

Stephanie Nail (PhD 2019, Postdoc at Stanford University)

Ae-sil Woo (PhD 2020, Assistant Professor at Gettysburg College)

Reagan Dobbs (ABD)

Shengkuo Hu (ABD)

Eddie Lucero (ABD)

Kua Vue (ABD)


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